In Rayman Arena, players enter the ring as Rayman, the Teensies, or even Globox, to begin a gladiator-style challenge. Up to 4 players have to choose between 8 characters and enter one of two very different worlds: Race Mode or Battle Mode. Bonus levels, bonus modes, new characters and new skins can be bought by players who emerge victorious.


  • Take risks, use tricks, and trip up opponents as you sprint, slide, climb, and helicopter through 12 courses in an all out rush for the checkered flag.
  • Represent through 12 gladiator-style arenas in a frenzied firefight with power-ups, traps and special ammo to get the most lums & reign victorious.
  • Choose from 8 playable characters including the cast of Rayman 2 and all new characters.
  • Compete with the PlayStation 2 multi-tap for intense 4-player split-screen action.
  • Unlock true rewards such as Bonus Levels, Additional Modes, Character Skins, and Bonus Characters by competing for the best times and highest scores

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