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From the creators of the hit Ratchet and Clank comes the next installment in the series. The team of Ratchet and Clank are kidnapped and taken to the planet Bogon. There you are given an assignment by a guy named Abercrombie Fizzwidget to retrieve a secret prototype item that was stolen by a mysterious thief. On your mission you will get access to a ton of outrageous new weapons to use and upgrade. Fight the enemies more efficiently as the duo gains experience after every battle. Jump into one of the many vast levels to complete your objective.


In this action packed adventure, get ready to become stronger than you ever could be. Upgrade weapons to stronger versions, compete in Space and Arena battles, fire weapons while running sideways or backwards, command small robots with Clank, and much more. Expect many things to do in this game because you won't be disappointed.


  • RPG element - improve weapons and develop character.
  • 20 levels with 50% more gameplay than the original.
  • 20 brand new weapons and tons of new gadgets.
  • Compelling new storyline with focus on missions.
  • Fast-paced action adventure with platforming, racing, role-playing and strategy.
  • Excel at the Maxi games - Earn extras: Go commando in Space Combat, Hoverbike Racing and Arena Battle Modes
  • Enhanced health damage system.
  • Enhanced weapon upgrade system.
  • Beautiful, diverse environments.
  • Unique arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

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the second R&C game. nearly 100% RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2
So very entertaining... I love the addition of the strafing feature. RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2

Ratchet And Clank was such a mantastic game, that a sequel was inevitable. What we got...

beat it a long time ago. maybe i should sell it.... RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2
my first game on the PS2, i spend hours enjoying it, the king protopet is the most difficult boss of the entire R&C series. RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2
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