Ratchet and clank is an intergalactic, weapons-based action-adventure game featuring the dynamic pair of Ratchet and his little robot buddy Clank. From the creators of the Spyro the Dragon series comes this truely unique, genre-breaking title that incorporates brilliantly designed characters with unique gameplay elements, such as the ability to use fun gadgets and purchase more than 35 destructive weapons. The duo must work together to stop an alien race, led by the evil Drek, from smashing as many planets as possible into each other to form one large base of operations.


Run around the galaxy with your buddy Clank while blasting enemies to bits with your many weapons. Use various gadgets to swing around, grind rails, and unlock doors. Smash boxes and crates, as well as many different types of enemies, and collect bolts which act as your money source when you purchase weapons, gadgets, etc. Fly your various ships from planet to planet, control little robots with Clank, race in two different races in the galaxy on your Hoverboard, and transform Clank into Giant Clank where you can shoot rockets and punch up a storm against gigantic foes.


  • Space-age, intergalactic action-adventure platformer.
  • Play as Ratchet and use weapons and gadgets, or play as Clank and use your fists and control little robots.
  • Stop Chairman Drek's evil plan for conquest and domination, as well as the destruction of various planets.
  • Beautifully detailed, interactive environments in a large galaxy.
  • Tons of different enemies and bosses.
  • More than 35 explosive weapons and gadgets to wield.
  • Fly your various ships from planet to planet.
  • Transform Clank into Giant Clank and fight large foes.
  • Battle it out in two different Hoverboard races.
  • Grind rails, swim, swing around like a monkey, jump, and glide around with the help of various gadgets and even Clank.
  • For 1 player.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
355KB minimum space needed to save.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

Official URL

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Oct 29, 10 11:54pm
the first in a series of totally awesome games! Insomniac FTW!!! RatchetandClank PS2
Jul 26, 10 12:19am
Captain Qwark is ridiculously facepalm-worthy. RatchetandClank PS2
Jun 29, 10 7:31pm

The first Ratchet and Clank game in the franchise is one I kind of have a weird...

Vergil Ties
Apr 25, 10 9:11am

"Hey Ted, what can we do now that we ditched that dragon?"

"Well, maybe we should make...

Feb 20, 10 7:12am
All time fav. since it started the franchise RatchetandClank PS2
Jan 02, 10 4:02am
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Nov 20, 09 4:33pm
i got all weapons!(besides the gold versions,i mean.) RatchetandClank PS2
Oct 18, 09 4:20am
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Aug 12, 09 7:13am
AWESOME!! RatchetandClank PS2
Hatchet Boy
Jun 08, 09 2:56pm
4th best ps2 game RatchetandClank PS2
May 27, 09 6:46pm
R&C got me into the Action/Adventure genre. It was a mind-blowing experience to play, was introduced to something completely new. Thank you! RatchetandClank PS2
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