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This is the third installment of the Ratchet and Clank series. Clank is now a star of is own TV series "Secret Agent Clank", with Ratchet taking a backseat from the spotlight. When their home planet of Veldin is under attack from the evil Dr. Nefarious, the duo is sent by the Galactic pres. to find and form a team of unlikely heroes including returnees Skidd McMarxx, Helga, Captain Qwark, and Big Al. You'll also meet Ratchet's new love interest, Sasha, who is also the pilot of the Star Phoenix, the home base of the Q-Force (Skidd, Helga, Ratchet, Clank, Big Al, and Qwark). Ratchet'll be able to train, purchase weapons, and receive missions.


Ratchet and Clank once again team up for an all-new adventure combining diverse gameplay with elements of action, exploration, co-op vehicles, adventure, puzzle-solving, strategy, role-playing and fierce battles into one riveting experience. Featuring single-player and introducing new multiplayer offline and online gameplay, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal aims to redefine the action platform genre even further to deliver one of the most exciting and fulfilling single-player and multiplayer experiences ever.


  • The fun duo returns for another exciting adventure.
  • Stop Dr. Nefarious' plan to destroy all organic life forms in the universe with his Tyrannoids.
  • Team up with characters such as Captain Quark, Big Al, Skid McMarx and Helga the trainer.
  • 20 weapons and gadgets to choose from and 14 weapons will have four upgrades each.
  • New weapons include the Infecto Gun, Electro Whip, and Rift Inducer.
  • R&C3 introduces ingame and online multiplayer, which you can enjoy with friends.
  • Play as Captain Quark in Vid-Comics, which slowly bring back his memory of defeating Nefarious.
  • Giant Clank returns, but not on Sphere World battles. His large metal feet are planted firmly on the ground this time.

Hardware Requirements

PS2 Multi-Tap Network Adapter for online play

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Nov 07, 11 10:03pm
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Nov 03, 11 5:25pm
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Oct 29, 10 11:54pm
there wasnt enough weapons in this game but the RYNOCIRATOR did the job. an epic way to finish off the trilogy. RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Jul 26, 10 12:19am
Everyone's so mean to Ratchet in this game... ahaha. It's all in good fun though. RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Vergil Ties
Apr 26, 10 12:37pm

You make game that manages to captivate gamers. It manages to impress critics and the...

Sep 18, 09 1:34am
a nice sequel of the R&C series, lot's of humour and action. RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Aug 19, 09 11:38am
Ratchet and Clank, my favorite PS2 game series of all time. This game I especially liked, because I was good at the multiplayer. Used to... RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Aug 12, 09 7:13am
AWESOME!!! RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
stevo the odd
Aug 02, 09 3:43pm
Short and thrilling RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Jul 22, 09 4:15pm
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Jun 29, 09 11:43pm
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Hatchet Boy
Jun 08, 09 2:56pm
3rd best ps2 game RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Jun 04, 09 1:08am
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May 27, 09 1:25pm
Great game which offers tons of weapons to blast away foes and an overall awesome adventure game. RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Apr 16, 09 12:08am
AWESOME!!!***** RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
Apr 05, 09 1:36pm
third game in series. same deal. new story and weapons and gadgets RatchetandClankUpYourArsenal PS2
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