In the center of the world lies the human kingdom of Radiata. People throughout the land sing of its glory. Sharing the world with the humans are the fairy creatures. Dwarves, elves, goblins and others all lead their different lives.

Although they are not exactly friends, humans and nonhumans live side-by-side in harmony.

In one small village, a young boy called Jack lives together with his sister. Dreaming of becoming a great knight like his father before him, he sets out one day to try out for the famous Royal Radiata Knights.

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Very fun and funny has a great battle system and an ok story, but it is stil really fun to play, and with 170+ recruitable NPC's you'll... RadiataStories PS2

It's been about a year since I've played an original RPG that I could label as...


When I picked up Radiata Stories, I wasn't expecting much out of an RPG from...

An awesome RPG in my opinion. RadiataStories PS2

Radiata Stories, is about two people, Jack Rusell and Ridley Silverlake(You cant...

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