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Take part in the ultimate racing game, Race Driver 2. Race one of your favorite cars from various models such as the Mustang, Impreza and the Vanquish thanks to official licenses from car manufacturs like Ford, Mercedes, and Audi. Drive on over 50 real tracks from around the globe like Pikes Peak and Laguna Seca.


There's classic TOCA damage, too. Thanks to a hugely realistic damage engine and the most advanced physics ever seen in a racing game, get too cosy with another car or a trackside barrier and it could be back to the starting grid for you. And there are no fake 'resets' to miraculously restart you back on your way, "Race Over" means just that, but only for that race. The save system in TOCA Race Driver 2 saves after every event, so you'll only have to re-run that one race in order to progress.


  • 31 fictional race locations around the globe offering over 40 race tracks which are fully rendered and digitally enhanced.

  • Over 30 vehicles in the cars category, including Ford GT, Aston Martin Vanquish and Nissan Skylines.

  • Race up to 20 opponents on the track at once, even race online, game supports Xbox Live and PS2 Online.

  • Racing Simulations aspects in the highly sophisticated physics engine that let you race like no other game before.

  • High-End Damage system, car dents, windows and lights smash, doors come of; wheels are even forced off of the vehicle in such events.

  • AI system is very independent and self aware, every racer has character and will avoid unnecessary actions if needed.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Memory Card required
1084kb space Minimum required
Analog Compatible: All buttons
Vibration Function Compatible
Network Adapter Compatible

Official URL

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