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Quake 3 Revolution has new maps, as well as levels from the original Quake III and the Team Arena expansion. There is also split-screen play for 4 players but no online multiplayer will be available. Frag opponents with 12 weapons of mass destruction including a chain gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher and BFG. There are 6 different game modes.


  • New gaming technology creates 3-D graphics with curved surfaces and high-detail textures
  • Lots of great weapons, including shotguns, lighting guns, and the BFG
  • Rich environmental visual effects, including fog and realistic lighting
  • Incredible multiplayer death-match competitions for up to 32 players
  • Variety of tough, scary, and just plain bizarre character models

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Recipient of an IGN.COM Editors' Choice Award.

Added on: February 23, 2001

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A multiplayer fps game with lots of blood and gore. fast paced Quake3Revolution PS2
Mar 28, 05 7:37pm
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Jun 12, 02 6:33am

i think quake 3 is a rubbish game and there r many beter shot em ups 2 buy such as...

Jul 23, 01 11:11pm

You could use this game as a stress reliever.

May 07, 01 8:30am

This game rocks I find it better than Unreal tournament G.O.T.Y

Mar 28, 01 11:11pm
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