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Building on the success of Winning Eleven 8 and Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Konami are set to release the next in the series. Rated by many as the best football simulation around players can choose from a vast array of international and club teams to take on the CPU or their friends on multiplayer or online.


The new licensed clubs are all meticulously detailed, including the authentic representation of names and numbers on their backs. You'll find the most famous players bear an astonishing resemblance to the real thing. Increased detail in all players has been transferred to the Player Design mode, which has been hugely expanded to include more factors determining skill and ability.

Master League, in which you guide a lowly team to glory, now allows player-managers to monitor individual players and see when their health declines.

In all games, weather conditions can be set to 'variable', leading to patchy rain or snow. The new weather conditions further enhance the realism and unpredictable nature of PES matches.


Two new positions: Wing Back (For players like Cafu who go forward a lot but are defenders) and Second Top (For players like Scholes who play generally just behind the strikers).
New weather condition: Snow. You will see breath coming from the players mouths to add realism.
Improved player movement on pitch..
More realsitic player animations.
Improved online play. Konami have promised less noticeable lag.
Nippon Challenge: Go For 2006: game mode to take the Japanese national team to the World Cup.
Jon Kabira replaced by Tsuyoshi Kitazawa as commentator (WE9)

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