Primal encourages players to face their inner demons in a game of exploration, combat and puzzles driven by a battle between order and chaos, as a modern-day girl faces the demons of an immortal world. The game is story-driven, presented through the experiences of the central characters, human couple drawn into discord by eternal forces. Essential to the game's core is the unusual and evolving relationship between Primal's two main characters, Jen and Scree.


  • Switch between the two main playable characters at any time. But pick wisely. as each character has special advantages over the other.
  • Dramatic combat system with devastating combos, finishing moves and stealth attacks.
  • An intricate weave of plot and multiple sub-plots spans four different demon realms.
  • A pioneering achievement in entertainment, exclusively for PlayStation 2.

Hardware Requirements

<li type=square> 1 Player.
<li type=square> 8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
<li type=square> 400KB minimum space needed to save.
<li type=square> Analogue Control Compatible: all buttons.
<li type=square> Vibration Function Compatible.

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The two playable characters (Jen and Scree) are great. At some points in the...


Well, the glitches are not bad enough to seriously take away from the game..... EXCEPT...


Good would be the characters. I love jenifer shes perfect for the setting and gameplay...


Ok let me explain my issues first...then I'll get to the game's goodies! First off...

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