Pride FC is a realistic "No Holds Barred" fighting game. Appearance, fighting style, movements and signature ring entrances of actual fighter are accurately recreated. Multiple fighting positions, unique fighting styles, hundreds of moves, counters and reversals capture the intensity and authenticity of a Pride contest. With a TV-style presentation, each match-up comes to life in fully scaled arenas complete with ring announcers, lighting, pyrotechnics and realistic camera angles.


  • More than 20 fighters including Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, Wanderlei Silva and Royce Gracie.
  • Multiple fighting styles include Muy Tai, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate and kick-boxing.
  • Various fighting positions and hundreds of moves including counters, reversals, one-hit knock-outs and submissions.
  • Detailed fighter models rendered at 5,000 polygons depict blood and sweat.
  • Five game Modes: Vs. Mode, Grand Prix, Training, Survival and Tournament.
  • Robust Create-A-Fighter feature: Create the ultimate warrior complete with appearance, move sets, entrance music, characteristics and style.
  • A TV-style presentation includes signature ring entrances with pre-fight videos, multiple camera angles that adjust with the action and detailed arena elements including pyrotechnics, flash bulb effects and multiple crowd reactions.
  • Non-gameplay animation sequences include pre-fight stare downs, corner shotsbetween rounds and victory celebrations.

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alot like the ufc games on the dreamcast and the cube,this is better tho because it...

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