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The perennial favorite TV show and toy franchise enters its 12th season with a combination that is sure to be more appealing than ever -- Power Rangers AND dinosaurs. The mad scientist Mesagog has plans to send the world back to the age of dinosaurs. Through the power of the Dino Gems, three students are transformed into the Dino Thunder Power Rangers. Their mission: to stop Mesagog and his Tyrannodrones by utilizing the ninja powers imparted by the Dino Gems and the Dino Zords the gems enable the Rangers to control.


The game boasts over 20 levels, Megazord battles and tons of special attacks and weapon power-ups. You can play as the Red, Blue, and Yellow Dino Thunder Power Rangers.


  • Over 20 levels and Megazord battles based on the current series airing on ABC, ABC Family, and Toon Disney.
  • Play as the Red, Blue and Yellow Dino Thunder Power Rangers, each with unique abilities and attacks.
  • Tons of special attacks and weapons power-ups as in the show.
  • Megazord battles with special attack power-ups as in the show.
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