With Pool Paradise you find yourself shipwrecked and penniless on an idyllic south pacific desert island. It just so happens that scattered around the beach are a variety of pool tables and subgames. There are also 30 opponents for you to challenge depending on how good you are and how much cash you've won to stake against better opponents. You can spend the cash on an assortment of game play aids or just daft things, all available in the beach shop. Also, various hidden areas and other features can be unlocked with your winnings. Besides a bunch of subgames, there's a practice table out on the beach under the shade of swaying palm trees and next to the waves rolling up the beach


It's 6-Ball, 7-Ball, 8-Ball, bunch - a whole bunch more in Pool Paradise, the latest and greatest pool game from the world-renowned pool video game designer Archer Maclean and Ignition Entertainment Ltd.

Go ahead - play pool poolside in a panoramic paradise! It's an island getaway where you'll encounter 31 pool sharks, all of whom would love to lighten your wallet. If you can turn the tables on them, you'll win some coin for yourself. Win money in a league, cup, or championship, or make side bets on games or individual shots. Then use your earnings to go on a shopping spree in the pro shop hut to buy better cues, chalk, laser sights, view lines, coaching - even tables! Or maybe you'd just like to take a break and have a little fun with that cash …


  • From the highly successful Archer Maclean series
  • 3D unique computer characters
  • Unique and highly detailed animated hands!
  • 11 different main rule types
  • 5 modes of play
  • 10 different tournament ladders
  • 10 different table sizes and shapes
  • 8 camera modes
  • Analogue cueing using the controller or mouse
  • Hidden features to be discovered
  • Fully Animated Island
  • Day and night lighting cycle

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May 27, 09 1:23pm
I don't know why I bought this to be honest. It was fun for less than an hour and somehow I forced myself to complete it. PoolParadise PS2
Stigmatised played Pool Paradise
Dec 01, 04 5:54pm
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Jun 01, 04 1:27am

Overall this game is good mainly because it has a lot of options.(For a pool sim)Game...

Apr 09, 04 7:51pm
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