PlayStation 2 Hardware Own / Want List

Username Comments
Master of the VG None
Blue Man None
Orion None
badboy90 None
Jeg None
Gotenks None
SilentScream None
Angelic Serenity None
teodortenchev None
chaos None
Chiggins None
Hybrid None
Slayerholic17 None
xtremepokemontrainer None
Pepper Roni None
Ghost117 None
Sakura None
Team Xtreme None
HBK619 None
Vegeta dude None
Sindrak None
thunder_stryke This system breaks to easily... Didn't get a very good experiance with the system. Only played ps1 games on it when I was little then when I wanted ps2 games i
Ameer None
Donnelly None
Ulio None
soniceagle123 None
Supernouva None
tornjinx None
Alieninvasion11 None
Jaw Knee 9/10
Nightraider007 None
Enigma the Guardian None
xxcassyxx None
Rizzy11 Only minor faults.
Big_Burta None
weskraudaon None
neb120 None
Palatine None
AdamHill None
louisa123 None
Joshua Mackley None
Avalith None
gerard way owns you Probably the winning console of last gen, and now that game prices have dropped, you can get great games for nothing!
IVexp390 None
overcheater PS2 console
cgauld7 None
Mightyena392111 None
jv9ufxcy None
koutsiog None