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The game tells the story of how Captain Jack Sparrow became the infamous pirate that you saw in the hit movie. You'll get stranded on that desert island with the rum and the turtles; you'll have to sack Nassau Port, and so on. You'll do this by using swordplay, solving puzzles, and using the environment to complete levels.


  • Co-op Multiplayer – Take on the challenge with a friend and play side-by-side as Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.
  • Live the Past – Did Jack really sack Nassau Port without firing a shot, or ride away from a deserted isle on the backs of sea turtles? Now you'll find out, first hand!
  • Uncover new weapons -- Throughout your adventure you'll be rewarded with new swords that allow you to unlock more advanced combos
  • Secret stuff – Hidden passages, special coins, and other secrets await in each level for the player to discover and reveal.
  • Use your head – The action isn't limited to swinging your sword, as you'll need to use your head to avoid detection, or dangerous traps

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May 27, 13 11:52am
good I enjoyed being. jacky boy savvy mate 7/10 PiratesOfTheCaribbeanLegendOfJackSparrow PS2
frankwest64 and 5 others played Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow
Jul 22, 10 1:44pm
Can't remember if I like it. But the game fills your head with LIES! PiratesOfTheCaribbeanLegendOfJackSparrow Xbox
Oct 13, 08 1:50pm
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