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The game stars Lord Zetta, lord of the netherworld, who has recently blown up his own kingdom and convinced three evil gods to remake it. However, Zetta is a nobody in this new world, and must build up a brand new army and conquer it all over again. The three gods, being evil (or rather, the Nippon Ichi version of "evil," which translates to "mischievious"), bemuse themselves by messing up Zetta's plans as he attempts to re-ascend his throne.

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The Jester
Apr 17, 10 4:48am
Could have been the the finest Nippon Ichi turn based game - but a bit too easy. MakaiKingdomChroniclesOfTheSacredTome PS2
Aug 20, 09 2:50am
added 83 new concept art
The wolf nmd Alex
Jan 19, 09 2:05pm
My favorite kinda games at one point ***** MakaiKingdomChroniclesOfTheSacredTome PS2
Shadow of Death
Jun 24, 08 6:00pm
Can't quite say 'mastered', but I think I got nearly everything (everything easier to get/beat than Battleship Yoshitsuna) MakaiKingdomChroniclesOfTheSacredTome PS2
Mar 25, 07 12:17pm
added a cheat
Dec 29, 05 4:26am
Need to beat it MakaiKingdomChroniclesOfTheSacredTome PS2
Sep 05, 05 9:47am
added a cheat
sick among the pure
Sep 05, 05 7:22am
added 3 cheats
sick among the pure
Aug 30, 05 1:23am
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