Phantom Brave Own / Want List

Username Comments
Harceru None
Ethereal None
WereJackal None
Wolfwood None
finalfight None
Deathsythe None
Laura J None
Inuyasha64 beaten it with extra map 10 to go
Shadow of Death Did some of the post-game.
mettaur None
Principality None
Homunculus Lover None
TestamentX2 None
Kenshuma Very good
InuYashaFan123 None
haruko05 None
keepergarrett None
Vergil Ties None
WufeisMoonChild The king of all absolute favorite.
Marlene Sinclair None
DCH75 None
BurnMyDread None
KI73 None
The wolf nmd Alex My favorite kinda games at one point *****
kejoca None
Machewman None
ItsuNozomi With captivating characters and a unquie gameplay it holds a place in my heart as one of my favorite PS2 games.
Trev81 None
chaotix5 None
IamNotinKey None
Bag_San None
The Jester My Favourite of the Nippon Ich turn based classics. An underrated classic which has better balance and gameplay then Disagea or Maka i Kingdom
Straylight None
LukasAngelis None
Chronorayven None
Kari None
Aevers None
KohKowne None
Bal-Sagoth None
Kya12 None
Jeremiah None