Persona 3 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Lady_Sparda None
WereJackal None
Just a Shadow None
Akira_EX None
finalfight None
Magnetic_storm None
PeTeRL90 Not for sale.
Parable None
andoryu None
FullMoon_Nyx None
Lukas None
shade279 None
Aungyk None
Vergil Ties None
The Ellimist None
tekmosis None
JRwriterx2 None
Dresken None
Bonfaco None
The Answer None
Avalith None
Brightside41 None
Marlene Sinclair Favorite.
mastommoth None
Agatsuma Soubi None
BloodySinner None
BurnMyDread None
Sir Darwis None
Rockrman None
Shogun_Seras None
solidfranz None
djt0nez None
JermalMC None
AdamBotCo None
Mental General None
King of Ice None
Cain_Kousei_69 None
DraLo None
dhen1525 None
ItsuNozomi A masterful game. In characters, story, growth, the way the characters all grow together. The almost human quality to them. I love this game.
Vaxsan None
xXIsaIsaXx None
lxindustries None
Nihilizem None
nhannahnasir None
kirby2211 None
Izumox None
smatdesa None
Teru None
Imprisoned_Butterfly None