Persona 3 Action Replay Codes

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Master Code [Europe]


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Verified by: raimiehazmin Submitted by: Chad on October 11, 2008

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Action Replay Codes [Europe]

Infinite Money RNXZ-QNDB-CM139 7H3V-P2YV-WHYZT Max Money After Buying An Item PEJ9-CHTU-M8WP1 RBXV-09Y3-EQRJF 99x Standard Items Available P2J5-49TG-CHTE8 YK0U-NM6P-KKJ6M MAIN CHARACTER CODES: QEPM-W23T-Q85WZ Infinite HP 7HY3-WPYH-Y1Z26 4Q3F-4TXJ-95KMV RUE1-VBJ6-JEYU9 Infinite HP & SP 4Y69-BYCX-1H20F 4Q3F-4TXJ-95KMV RUE1-VBJ6-JEYU9 TQ6W-QHH9-TK0KT

Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on October 11, 2008