Serve up a Killer Miller ace on the wildest courts around in Outlaw Tennis! Hit the clay, grass or snow courts with Summer and the gang while beating the living snot out of one another with fists and racquets. Then take your game online and give your friends a mouthful of green felt. Outlaw Tennis is a top quality tennis sim combined with the outrageous characters, play modes and humor of the Outlaw series of games.


  • 16 playable characters with improvable attributes and customizable outfits and accessories.
  • 12 courts - 10 regular unlockable courts, 1 drill court, 1 surprise court.
  • Dynamic Weather- patterns include sunshine, rain (thunder & lightning), snow and fog.
  • Multiple Surface Types - Including Steel, Black Top, Hard Polished Wood, Lava Rock, Marble, Clay, Dirt, Natural Grass and Snow.
  • 6 Game Modes: Exhibition, Tour (50 Tour Matches - Singles, Doubles & Canadian Doubles mixed), Random Play, Drills, and Network Play.
  • 3 Match Types: Singles Match, Doubles Match, Canadian Tennis (doubles vs. single player).
  • 7 Match Modes including Classic, Hot Potato, Casino, Baseball, Football, Pinball and Ping Pong.
  • Multiple Shot and Serve Types including Flat, Slice, Top Spin, Lob and Turbo.
  • Momentum: Gain momentum by winning volleys to regenerate your Turbo Meter and use your Turbo Run, Turbo Serves and Turbo Shots to destroy your opponent.
  • Fighting System: Toss the racquets and come out swinging in an all new fighting system to earn power-ups.

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