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Onimusha Buraiden is an Onimusha beat 'em up spin-off. The game supports up to four players and is truly 3D, allowing you to fight on different levels within a single arena. Many of the old Onimusha characters are featured, including Akechi Samanosuke, Yagyu Jubei, Kaede, Oyu and even Genma characters.


  • Play as one of 12 characters from the Onimusha universe.

  • Also features several secret characters, including some boss creatures from the Onimusha series, and Capcom icon Megaman.

  • 4 person multiplayer with a MultiTap.

  • Features another first for the Onimusha series with full 3D polygonal backgrounds.

  • Runs at 60fps with stunning lighting effects when performaing magic attacks.

  • Combines Onimusha's characteristic fighting system of blocks, parries, critical hits and magic attacks.

Editor's Note:

Titled "Onimusha Buraiden" in Japan.

Added on: March 12, 2003

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