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The time is 1582. There at the burning Honoji Temple, the Onimusha warrior Samanosuke Akechi fights. His enemy are the Genma, led by the undying Oda Nobunaga. The time is 2004. The peaceful French town is suddenly attacked by Genma. In the blink of an eye the town is in ruins. But one man stands up against them, Jacques Blanc. What fate awaits these 2 men?


  • As a first for the series, Onimusha 3 will use full polygonal backgrounds as Capcom strives to realise the title's truly dramatic camerawork. Players will applaud the battle scenes, as they are full of depth, and feature even more sword slashing action.
  • The opening movies have been pushed to a new level. Capcom has enlisted the talents of Hong Kong action star and director Donnie Yen as the CG action director. Returning to the Onimusha project is Robot, the company responsible for making all of the Onimusha opening movies and Yamazaki Takeshi, the CG movie director. Onimusha 3 is a collaboration of several talented staff members as they focus on bringing a masterpiece that rivals even the biggest blockbuster movies.
  • Flagship, the company responsible for scripting the stories for Onimusha: Warlords and Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny increase the level and depth of the story for Onimusha 3. With more drama and thrills than before, Onimusha 3 will weave an epic tale bringing the series to a whole new level.
  • Onimusha 3 introduces a 'dual hero system', bringing not only a deeper story, but also a game full of content and detail! The design of the 'dual hero system' offers two very different kinds of action, giving the player unique ways to enjoy the game as they experience very different styles of excitement!

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