Oni is part third person action a la Tombraider, part japanime cult film (think Akira). Choose from different characters, each with a different fighting technique, and square off against others using your bare fists and high powered munitions.


  • 3rd-person action-fighting game set in the year 2032.

  • Blend of action thrillers, like La Femme Nikita, and classic anime, like Ghost in the Shell.

  • Story of Konoko, an agent on a quest to infiltrate and destroy a crime syndicate.

  • Konoko is proficient in both hand-to-hand combat and shooting.

  • Weapons include: Autopistol, Mercury Bow, Vandergraph Pistol, and Screaming Cannon.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
135KB minimum space needed to save.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

Official URL

Official Site
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Very Good Game if you like runing around in the future killing futuristic gaurds!!! Oni PC
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The game does seem a little weird and all at first, but hey! It comes in a shiny box! :D Oni PC

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This game bites from the very beginning. The load screens are ugly and the game itself...


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this game is fun. basicly its a 3d third person fighting game with guns. you can do...


I love this game, my brothers didn't like it cause of all the training u had to go...


Good game. It has a solid story, great gameplay and controls, and for once, you don't...

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