This nature adventure game sees players assuming the role of a sun god who's attempting to restore life to a world devoid of color.


The majority of Okami's gameplay is based around the Celestial Brush, which is the main character (Amaterasu)'s tail, that can be used to draw new elements in the world around you and help complete various tasks. For example, if a gap is to wide to be jumped over safely, the brush can be used to add a bridge, hence opening up a new path to follow. The Brush can also be used in combat and puzzle solving, and has a huge scope for other features as well.


  • Beautiful cel-shaded graphics.
  • Many different ways to fight in battle.
  • Added side quests to complete for Praise.
  • The Celestial Brush, which allows the player to draw on the game screen and use it to perform certain functions.

Hardware Requirements

1 player
8MB PS2 Memory Card required to save
Saves; 170 KB minimum
Analog Control Compatible: all buttons
Vibration Function Compatible

For more information on Okami, see our Okami Wiki with details on various characters, Brush Gods, enemies, items and more!

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A tweet coming from the official Okami Twitter account today is teasing the announcement of something related to posted Apr 24, 13 9:53am

Round 72 of the Articles Of Excellence ends with Monterey Jack coming back from a short hiatus to take the circuit by storm with his review of Okami! Describing it as being on par with nature itself, he explores its deep artistic appeal while at least keeping you on Earth by pointing out some flaws here and there while explaining how everything adds to a fantastic experience.

Okami Score: 9/10
Genre: Adventure

That's the beauty of Okami – nature, like how you're restoring nature back to the way it looked instead of having all of this artificial darkness, or how you'd naturally use the different Celestial Brush techniques in order to solve various puzzles in dungeons.

quote Monterey Jack
I've stated this in a previous review, but allow me to reiterate the fact that I'm not a believer of the whole “video games are art” thing. They've always been something that you do to kill a couple of hours before you do something more important like school, uni or your significant other. Having said that, Okami, like Journey, is quite an experience that challenges this claim of mine. It's one of those games that's best summed up by how each of the elements work in order to create the experience, rather than the elements themselves. On their own, they're good, but to truly enjoy this majesty is to enjoy the game as a whole.

Okami is a tale of the great goddess, Amaterasu, being called into Nippon to restore it to its former glory by reviving Guardian Sapplings. What had happened was that the seal keeping Orochi imprisoned had been broken, and in an act of rage, he put a curse on the land, creating barren landscapes, polluted oceans and turned most of the inhabitants to stone. With Guardian Sapplings, Amaterasu can bring portions of the land back to life. To help Amaterasu is Issun, a Poncle (or little sprite if you will, or flea as I thought he was at first) who happens to be quite the little artist as one of the first things he does is draw up a picture of the forest sprite Sakuya, who had been protecting the Kamiki Village for over a hundred years and had summoned Amaterasu once Orochi plunged Nippon into darkness.
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I've stated this in a previous review, but allow me to reiterate the fact that I'm not...

Absolutely awesome game! <3 Okami PS2
This game was absolutely amazing in every way! I enjoyed the heck out of this game!!! Okami Wii

Capcom has announced that Clover's Okami will be getting an HD makeover for the PS3, titled Okami HD. Not too... posted Jun 19, 12 7:52pm

In the little village Issun is from! Trying to get enough money together for Power Slash 3. Okami PS2
Up to the lovely snow area up at Kamui and onward. Hares under bridge = devious dev's, but I found them! Okami PS2
Have every brush but one; fourth Reflector main and third Glaive sub; off to Shinshu Field to check out the storm! Okami PS2
Take that, Orochi! There is still much work to be done though, so off I set to continue in restoring the world and faith in the gods. Okami PS2
Haved found all the dog warriors, saved a maiden, dog from inside a fish, a bird from evil spirits, etc. Now for the next quest! Okami PS2
Beat the awful awful awful log on the rapids segment. Currently into the next area and had a hard time with Waka. Okami PS2
Going well so far; finally managed to do the Konohana Shuffle and save the town. Now with the new lilly pad technique I'm off to new areas! Okami PS2
  • Genre: Adventure (PS2)
  • Theme(s): Fantasy
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Clover Studios
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Released
    North AmericaSep 19, 2006
    EuropeFeb 9, 2007
    JapanApr 20, 2006
    AustraliaFeb 14, 2007
  • Also known as:
  • Wolf in Europe
  • Ookami in Japan
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9.4 / 10
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