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Noble Gilgamesh, crown prince of Babylim, is betrothed to Lady Ki, the damsel he rescued from the dreaded Druaga Tower 3 years past. The night before the ceremony, an army of nightmarish monsters commanded by a vengeful sorceress invades the kingdom and abducts Ki once again. Steeling himself for battle, Gil dons a suit of radiant gold armor and dashes off to save his beloved a second time in this charming fantasy RPG based on the 1984 arcade classic, The Tower of Druaga.


  • Prepare for remarkably cool retro-action-RPG adventure in this unique collaboration between Arika Co. Ltd., creators of the original Tower of Druaga, and CHUNSOFT, developers of the revered Mysterious Dungeon series.
  • Enjoy the strategy of a turn-based RPG and the rapid-fire pace of real-time battle. The Nightmare of Druaga's clever At-Once Turn System permits turn-by-turn command input while weaving every attack and spell into seamless on-screen action.
  • Use Gilgamesh's luminous, golden armor to shine purifying light deep into labyrinthine dungeon passageways and dispel the shadows dwelling within.

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The Nightmare of Druaga is a cross between a generic role-playing game and a...

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