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NFL GameDay features player-specific detailing. Photo-realistic representation of stadiums coupled with stadium-specific sounds creates an interactive experience.


  • Lifelike Player Graphics - Each and every player is scaled to actual height, and body style so they look exactly like their real life counterpart. Unique player details include exact faces, skin color, varying facemask styles with visors if applicable, different jersey styles based on position, specific armbands and neck rolls.
  • Over 1,100 Motion Captured Moves - All new technology translates into jaw-dropping realism that captures the power and athleticism of the NFL like never before. See gang tackles, low and high wrap tackles, drag downs, shoves, upended tackles, across your body and "shoestring" catches, sideline "tip-toe" catches, chop blocks, pass protection blocks and running backs putting their hand on the turf to regain their balance.
  • Incredible Create Player Feature - The most detailed create player feature ever seen in the Gameday series. See a model player that changes in real time as you modify various attributes. Attributes include face style, facemask type, gloves, elbow pads, neck rolls, shoe style, height and weight.
  • New Enberg/Simms Commentary - Incredible TV-style action cameras with "zoom-ins" and "cutaways" let you witness the action up close and personal. Play-by-play legend Dick Enberg and color man Phil Simms both return with new, significantly broadened commentary

Editor's Note:

Recipient of Sports Gaming Network's 'Worst Game of the Year Award'.

Added on: July 18, 2000

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I enjoyed this game. It was the first game I had for my PS2 when I first got the...


this game is awsome!!!!!!! I wouldrecamend this game to anybody.p.s peace...

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