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In the near future, humans set a plan in motion to migrate a large portion of the Earth's population to the moon. When Richard's girlfriend goes missing in a shuttle crash, he sets out to find to her. Echo Night: Beyond simulates what the player's viewpoint would be like from inside of the space suit and firmly focuses on adventure aspects. Players explore the space station, solve puzzles, and encounter spirits wherever they go. Richard needs to help some of the ghosts find their eternal peace, while avoiding the evil spirits out to destroy him.


  • Utterly unique 1st person experience – a truly immersing game that effectively relays the isolation and darkness of a desolated lunar station.
  • Innovative heartbeat system – monitoring your heartbeat is the key between life and death. If the terror gets too much for you, you'll join the spirits you're trying to help.
  • Challenging puzzles – uncovering the mortal desires of the ghost you encounter requires a keen eye and sharp wits.
  • Weightless exploration – traverse the lunar surface with a realistic gravity physics engine.
  • Multiple Endings – four different endings for the player to experience.
  • Dolby Pro Logic II Sound – real 3D sound for a true 3D game.
  • Fog, Shadows, and Weightless gravity engulf you in an out of this world experience.
  • Stunning environments and dynamic camera changes will leave you trembling in fear.

Editor's Note:

Titled "Nebula: Echo Night" in Japan.

Added on: February 05, 2004

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