NCAA GameBreaker 2001 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.3/10

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NCAA GameBreaker 2001 Reviews

website score publish date
GameCenter 5/10 Feb 01 '01
Happy Puppy 6.5/10 Jan 22 '01
IGN PSX 6.6/10 Dec 18 '00
Sports Gaming Network 30% Feb 09 '01
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NCAA GameBreaker 2001 Previews

website publish date
Games Radar UK Dec 15 '00
IGN PS2 Dec 11 '00
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GameCenter on Feb 02 '01

"NCAA GameBreaker 2001 is not the answer to your football prayers, college or otherwise... falls way short of our expectations because of its poor gameplay and spotty AI... we recommend you steer..."

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Games Radar UK on Dec 15 '00

"Well, a couple weeks from release, GameBreaker has some solid advantages over GameDay. For one, it's not broken. That helps. Players actually follow their planned plays and even block each other."

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IGN PS2 on Dec 12 '00

"The game also makes use of a new feature where some of the big-play players on each team is labeled a GameBreaker and is highlighted in yellow during gameplay."

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IGN PSX on Dec 19 '00

"Despite the fact that NCAA GameBreaker 2001 is a seriously flawed game, it has still proven to be a very fun and enjoyable game."

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Sports Gaming Network on Mar 01 '01

"Sure, this would make a decent PS1 game but we all didn't shell out $300.00 and stand in line all night to play PS1 quality games."

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