This new game from EA features a higher polygon count, new moves, realistic stadium and crowd reactions and interactive coaches. Players earn points that go towards new championship teams, Create-a-Player options and player rating bonuses.


  • High poly count player models that use cyberscan technology for incredibly detailed player heads and lifelike skin textures.
  • Ultra realistic stadium environments that feature animated player benches and a highly detailed crowd.
  • See player personalities and emotions come out on the sidelines - in game and in the transitions: arguing calls, encouraging their teamates, etc.
  • Animated bench sequences
  • Post-basket reactions
  • More player interactions
  • Multiple post-game celebrations
  • For the first time, you have complete control in the low post, allowing you to experience what it is like to play among the giants in the paint.
  • Back your defender down and then select from a number of different post moves such as an up and under layup, jump hook, and turn around and fade away jump shots.
  • Feel the contact and battle for position, finishing off your defender with a monster dunk.
  • New approach to speech captures the essence of the interaction between the play-by-play and color commentators
  • Bob Elliott adds new in-depth play analysis
  • All-new color commentary provides for more intelligent and relevant interaction with game play-by-play.
  • Play with the greats of the game, including Michael Jordan - one-on-one or five-on-five.
  • New sountrack

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kirby0813 and 3 others own NBA Live 2001

Fantastic game, so go to the store now and buy it. Or burn it offcourse


Even with its problems its still the best BBall game on the PS2.


I have always chose EA Sports games over other companies, because of all the options....


This new game for the PS2 is awsome! It is like no other basketball game I've every...


This game is great. The graphics are superb. The gameplay is basically what you would...


I'll just start off by saying that this game won't allow you to change your controler...


At 1st look this game wuz the best thing i had ever played because of the realistic...


The Game is at its best while you play it, however there are some things missing while...


this is the best game for playstation i've ever played!!

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