NBA Street Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.6/10

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NBA Street Reviews

website score publish date
Adrenaline Vault 4.5/5 Aug 03 '01
Game Revolution B+ Jun 29 '01
Gamespot 9.3/10 Jun 20 '01
Gamespot 8.9/10 Jul 04 '01
IGN PS2 9.3/10 Jun 19 '01
Solinari Gaming 7.0/10.0 Jun 20 '02
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NBA Street Previews

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IGN PS2 Feb 16 '01
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Game Revolution on Jul 03 '01

"NBA Street is a hugely fun b-ball game that hoop fans can't do without. It's got tons of character and solid gameplay."

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IGN PS2 on Feb 26 '01

"...the game is going to be more like the arcade-styled basketball games such as NBA Jam, NBA Showtime, and NBA Hoopz. But, unlike those titles, which seem to center on the dunking and pushing..."

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IGN PS2 on Jun 20 '01

"If you're a fan of sports, basketball or arcade styled games in general, this is a must-have title that's easily one of the best games that the PlayStation 2 has to offer. Go buy it now, I promise..."

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