NBA Hoopz Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.9/10

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NBA Hoopz Reviews

website score publish date
Game Power Australia  --- Feb 08 '01
Games Radar UK  --- Mar 14 '01
GameSpot 5.7/10 Feb 26 '01
Gamespot UK 5.8/10 Mar 30 '01
Happy Puppy 9/10 Mar 26 '01
IGN PS2 4/10 Mar 02 '01
SonySource 5/10 Mar 18 '01
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NBA Hoopz Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Feb 14 '01
Gamespot UK Mar 08 '01
IGN PS2 Jan 12 '01
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GameSpot on Feb 16 '01

"NBA Hoopz for the PlayStation 2 gives old veterans of the NBA Jam series some new modes and control options to play with while still retaining the high-flying, fast-paced gameplay that is the core..."

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GameSpot on Feb 28 '01

" the only arcade-style b-ball game on the PS2, it definitely fills a niche. Check it out if you're looking for something a little less sim-oriented than NBA Live or NBA ShootOut."

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IGN PS2 on Jan 18 '01

"...Midway will be taking the NBA Jam idea up a notch by moving from the standard 2-on-2 format to 3-on-3 gameplay. The extra player on the court will hopefully bring some additional strategy..."

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IGN PS2 on Mar 05 '01

"If you want to play more of the same old NBA Jam formula with shinier graphics than before, you may want to pick this game up. Maybe, but only if you're desperate, really, really desperate."

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