Sega Sports NBA 2K2 makes its way onto the PS2, featuring updated rosters, arenas, team uniforms, and signature moves for the 2001-2002 season. Online console gameplay lets you play head-to-head with up to eight people across the US. Features new NBA rules, steal system, and a revamped low post game.


Authentic NBA play -- Defensive player rotation, intelligent ball movement, pick and rolls, smart coaching decisions, and explosive moves deliver the true NBA basketball experience.
Devastating new low post moves, exclusively captured by NBA All-Star Rasheed Wallace -- Exploit your defender with a quick drop step, back him down into the key, pull up for a sweet fadeaway, or pass to the open man.
New timing steal -- Time your steals to jump in the passing lane to grab the ball or steal it out the ball handler's hand while he attempts a spectacular move.


  • Broadcast-quality presentation -- Dramatic camerawork, inspired commentary, TV-style overlays, and exciting crowd reactions give the user the best seat in the house!

  • All new playbooks and play system -- Recreate NBA team plays and authentic coaching styles. Use the system to give your best offensive weapon the opportunity to embarrass his opponent.

  • Enhanced one-on-one game -- New moves and countermoves highlight the individual match-up experience. Master the new crossover and low post moves, but beware of a well-positioned counter.

  • Next-gen powered graphics -- Detailed arenas and realistic player models with facial expressions that bring to life the emotions of the NBA player.

  • Contextual player reactions -- more realistic face-up stances, players run toward the shooter to blocking three-pointers, and automatic ball protection are just a few of the intelligent animations seen in the game.

  • Real street courts -- Hoop it up at nine of the most famous playgrounds around the country, such as Rucker Park or Venice Beach.

  • Up-to-date rosters, uniforms, signature moves, and NBA rules for the 2001-2002 season -- Play man or zone defense!

  • New animations -- More than 2200 total animations capture the elegance of the NBA game.

  • Original soundtrack produced by star producer Jermaine Dupri and the Beatminerz

Editor's Note:

Developed by Visual Concepts.

Added on: January 18, 2002

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Awesome NBA2K2 DC
Downward Spiral
Oct 30, 08 10:17pm
I had 2K1 I think on Dreamcast and I played the heck out of it. 2K2 is pretty much the same game as that. Havent really played another... NBA2K2 DC
Jun 30, 07 10:21am
its da bomb NBA2K2 DC
May 18, 05 11:43pm
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Lightyears away from NBA Live 2002 in terms of realism. The commentary is also very...

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When I told my buddies at school that I was going to buy NBA2K2 that night, they...

Apr 24, 02 2:25pm

This game is so amazing that I literally pissed in my pants the first time I played...

Jan 19, 02 1:10pm

Fun, addictive, fast paced with plenty of modes of play. From 2 on 2 street...

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