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Naval Ops: Commander is set in an alternate reality where the powerful nation of Virshia has deployed an armada of "Superships" around the globe. Through Virshia's aggressive assault on the world's oceans, nations quickly fell while others still hang in the balance. In the game, players command a lone Tactical Battle Group committed to fighting the Virshian fleet


  • Over 100 different escort ships can be purchased or salvaged from combat.
  • Command aircraft carriers to launch sorties against enemy assets. Choose from 100 combat aircraft.
  • Fight without re-supplying fuel and ammo, or modifying the ship in Survival mode.
  • The Warship Evaluation System analyzes the performance of user-designed ships and provides data critical to improving ship design.
  • Each stage has unique weapons or parts. Items that can be acquired are varied and depend on the condition of the player's ship.
  • Tutorial System and detailed information about ship parts, weapon systems, and aircraft.

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Jul 16, 04 8:34am

I'd even buy this game for anyone who likes war and ship building and missions and...

Mar 31, 04 6:47am

This is a kool game i would recommend it to anybody who likes this stuff. The missions...

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