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Based on the action-packed Naruto anime and manga series, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles is the first installment to the Naruto game line in 3D. Play as Naruto and his friends as they fight to protect the village against evil and become stronger with new moves and places to fight. Watch out for your foes though, because as you get stronger, they do too!


You can make Naruto jump, perform weak and strong attacks and dash both on the ground and through the air. So quick is Naruto's dash that he becomes a momentary blur. The enemy ninjas are just as fast, though, so don't get too over-confident. Once you've locked on to an enemy, all your movements become relative to the enemy, making it easy to evade attacks; you can even perform a reversal move should an enemy start laying the beat down on Naruto.


  • Original Storyline: Go beyond the Naruto world you know with an original storyline and full 3-D action that will test your ninja skills as you strive to become the ultimate Hokage.
  • Strategy-based Character Customization: Acquire special Chips and Plates that customize all aspects of Naruto, including speed, strength, stamina and even special moves. The combinations are virtually limitless, each one resulting in new skills and abilities for Naruto that can give you the upper hand in the heat of battle.
  • Story-driven Missions: Experience the life of a Leaf Ninja through dedicated training and intense challenges that will aid you in your quest to become the greatest Hokage of all.
  • Lethal Attacks and Combinations: Harness the power of Ninjutsu, Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit and other moves, straight from the series! Unleash your chakra for deadly attacks or combine attacks to create new moves.
  • Multiple Methods of Battle: Face off against multiple enemies using either close combat ninja skills or long-range weapons. A variety of items including shurikens and explosive cards are at your disposal.
  • Unique Partner Assist: In true Leaf Ninja fashion, work together with your team, including Shikamaru, Neji, Sasuke and Choji to complete your missions and when the timing is right, take control to acquire their unique moves.
  • Mini-games and much more!: Practice makes perfect, so train hard and hone your skills through a variety of mini-games. New weapons, unlockable moves and countless customization options to control Naruto's abilities will enhance replay value.

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