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Yet again you must take control of Konoha's deadly ninjas and overcome even the greatest of foes. With new characters and new techniques, the entire Naruto world is at your fingertips.


In NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 2 gamers can play through monumental events in the NARUTO storyline all while earning points toward upgrading their character's strength, defense, agility, chakra and special abilities. Players can walk the path of Naruto in the new all-new mode, Ultimate Road that will allow them to play through all of the pivotal events in the storyline, as well as unlock an original story, as more and more pieces of the Naruto saga unfold.

More than 60 exciting missions and seven challenging mini games will push potential ninja to their limit. Players can take the role of Naruto, Sasake, Kakashi, Rock Lee, Gara, Kiba and other favorites while taking on daunting tasks like battling the sand ninja and working their way through the Chunin exam, the test to move up in the ninja ranks. Ninja in training can perfect their skills in Practice mode then put their training to the test against a friend in the VS mode. There is also a vast amount of unlockable features such as playable characters, movies, music, and collectible cards.


  • Battle as your favorite ninja: Play as one of over 30 playable characters from the hit TV show including Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Rock Lee, Gaara, Kiba and many more.
  • Upgrade your character: Customize your favorite character to give you the edge in battle. Earn points toward upgrading the character's strength, defense, chakra, agility and even special abilities.
  • Live the TV adventure: Play through key plots in the anime from the Chunin Exam through the Tsunade story arc, including all of the major battles, while performing powerful ninjutsu moves as seen in the hit television series.
  • Powerful Secret Techniques: Unleash your chakra to perform multi-level super attacks capable of defeating even the most deadly of enemies.
  • Tons of combat variety: Battle in 16 unique stages using either close combat or a variety of ranged weapons. When you need an assist, call on support characters to help with super attacks or drop off power-ups.
  • Lots of game modes: Play Ultimate Road to follow the anime storyline and unlock an original plot, take on over 60 challenging missions or play through seven unique mini-games; Practice mode to perfect your techniques; or VS mode to take on the computer or fight head-to-head with friends!
  • "Tons of replay value" with unlockable features such as playable characters, movies, music, cards, certificates, etc.

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