An officially licensed Motocross racer, MXrider combines Motocross, Supercross and Freestyle. It features 60 pro riders with official teams and bikes, and 16 World Championship circuits spread over 13 countries. MXrider suports 2-player via split screen and offers a fully licensed soundtrack.


  • A complete experience: simple race, challenge mode, freestyle and 2-person multiplayer mode.
  • 17 licensed FIM Motocross tracks in 14 countries.
  • Six Supercross tracks designed exclusively for MXrider by FIM track designer, Freddy Verherstraten.
  • Six fantasy Freestyle arenas.
  • Textures derived from actual track photos and video tapes.
  • 58 pro riders, official teams and bikes.
  • Realistic bike behavior with a special emphasis on physics for superior handling.
  • Career mode 'Join the Top' Motocross / Supercross.
  • Complete and realistic career mode: team offers, management and more.
  • Officially licensed Motocross World Championship (FIM: Fédération internationale Motocycliste).
  • A living, breathing, environment with interactive crowds and animated track officials.
  • Customizable music and camera angles.
  • Race highlight replay system.

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