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MUSASHI delivers an expressive visual odyssey thanks to dazzling "manga shading" techniques. Adorable characters and lush environments come to life in Japanese comic-book style. The journey begins when Princess Mycella summons Musashi across space and time to save her people from danger. As a stranger in a new world, Musashi finds intrigue and adventure as he hones his battle skills to defeat a sinister nemesis. All-new battle systems contribute to non-stop action. Musashi can focus his energy to learn his opponents' techniques, allowing him to give enemies a taste of their own medicine. And this time Musashi can not only pick up allies and enemies but also wield them in combat to devastating effect.


In the original game, Musashi can steal one ability from an enemy. This time, however, he can steal more than one! One must use these abilities wisely to get on with the game.

Another feature is the "carry system". Musashi can carry NPCs, and still fight "Jackie Chan-style".


  • Includes fully-animated cut-scenes.

  • Theme-music performed by the Surf Coasters, a popular surf guitar band.

  • Manga shaded graphics, that keep up with the cartoony feel of the storyline.

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Musashi returns from being a Brave Femcer in the original PS1 classic to now...

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