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Based on the movie, you can play as the movie's lead character, Rick O'Connell, or the mummy himself, Imhotep. Rick uses weapons to fend himself while Imhotep casts spells to defeat his enemies. Following the script of the movie, players will locate weapons, hit switches to unlock enemies, and find new doors to more levels and locales.


  • Action-adventure game

  • Play as hero Rick O'Connell or the evil Imhotep

  • Engage in hand-to-hand combat

  • Fly different aircrafts almost every level
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when i rented this game I was like anyone else who saw the movie and thought the game...


If you have to have something to do with The Mummy on your game console, then get this...


stupid site says 5000 people out of 5000.5 people the only reason why it is 5000.5 is...


This game is rated T for Teen, and it shows. I felt thruout the game that I was...


Question: How do you make a good video game based on a bad movie? Answer: You don't....

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