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The popular music creation game is back with a more intuitive interface. Your beats, melodies and riffs are now accessible without having to pull up a separate menu. The eight musical genres included are trance, house, R&B, rock, and garage. You can take samples from your own CDs or record your voice - and make 3D psychedelic videos to go along with your tune. Jam with 3 others simultaneously or 7 if you've got a multitap.


  • The coolest, most intuitive and brand-leading music-making software is back
  • Brings music-making and mixing-for-the-masses to a whole new level.
  • Remix 10 of the hottest hip-hop and dance tracks.
  • Rip samples from any music CD and work it into your own original soundtrack.
  • Easy to use! Intuitive interface enables players to create music with ease.
  • 4,000 samples let players create many different styles like hip-hop, R&B, House, Garage, Trance and more!.

Editor's Note:

An optional sampling hardware kit including a microphone and USB adapter is available.

Added on: January 29, 2001

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novelty wears off quick. MTVMusicGenerator20 PS2
Feb 24, 02 10:03am

Sometimes the program will crash everytime at the same place. Why? Because you deleted...

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