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Motor Mayhem allows you to shoot at the competition and run into things while racing against the clock. There are nine environments and nine characters. Each environment is built with secret areas. Vehicles deform, although gameplay is not affected.


  • Intense car combat and non-stop action
  • "Real world," recognizable locales, with unique modifications and enhanced by futuristic technology
  • Multi-staged, progressive arena combat
  • Wide open death match arenas
  • "Real world," recognizable vehicles modified and enhanced by technology
  • Vehicles "tricked out" and customized, but still familiar
  • Cool characters tied to cool cars
  • Drone "sidekicks" – powerup assistants who will follow the player aiding in attack or deflecting fire
  • The ability to see and control your character driving, attacking, and otherwise involved in the action
  • AI and bosses that fight like real opponents; power sliding, going for powerups, retreating when damaged, etc.

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Graphics look great weapons are awesome those cars look great but like i been saying...


when i first got the game, it sucked from the bottom up. the crowd aggrivated me, and...


I like the animation of this game so i would say the graphics are good.
The sound was...


IT SUCKS!!! I Tried to give it a zero but the form wouldn't let me.


A Must-Buy Awesome Car Combat Game!

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