Mania has spread across the land as people have turned traditional motocross racing into an intense blood sport. Furious combat mixes with fast paced racing through 20 + deadly courses that range from populated city streets to harsh open environments. Mania is here and ready to fight, the winner is the one to make it across the finish line still in one piece!

Building upon the existing "Mania" brand values with an edgy and original interpretation of motocross racing, the latest installment, the first to appear on PS2 and Xbox, will target a mass-market audience with an injection of 'action' features appealing to the widest variety of gamers. The motocross racing essence of the Mania franchise is heavily present, demonstrating arcade style bike handling, huge jumps, amazing undulating courses and dynamic stunts/poses; but now with an extensive combat mode allowing the player to take out other riders on the ground and in the air with spectacular results.


  • 10 Characters - Each character has a unique look and individual moves - plus 6 whacky bonus characters to unlock
  • Combat - Bikers fight hand-to-hand using a variety of weapons and combat moves, while racing at high speeds
  • Stunts – Bikers can perform outlandish aerial stunts as well as combine them with combat moves for extra effectiveness
  • 20+ Unique Circuits – State of the art streaming technology allows for huge and distinct environments, creating an ever expanding racing experience
  • Death Match mode – allows you to smash and bash your opponents with a variety of imaginative weapons
  • Rider Physics - 3rd generation physics engine makes every move, fight and crash different and fresh
  • Multiple Routes -Tracks will have hidden short cuts allowing exploration for faster times
  • Air Mania - riders can unleash Mania allowing for bigger tricks and increased combat maneuvers
  • Multiplayer - Single race, versus and multiplayer tournaments included
  • Mini Games - Play both single and multiplayer game modes

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