Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Own / Want List

Username Comments
Tempest Greatest Hits.
Kuldahar None
Tres None
SS4Gogeta None
SilentScream None
Jak66 a must buy
ITANI Short Life Span!
just 2 xtreme None
Kokoro None
Astral_Guardian None
LoboKhan None
rachynymph None
Vegeta dude None
isa98 None
PinKish KriS None
Mortal Kombat Kid None
HBK101 Good
betterthanlaracroft None
Celes Leonhart None
Vergil Ties None
Setthotep None
omegamustard None
Chimaira None
guyvezero The best in the saga.
Gamesta100 None
TiraLover None
VicRattlehead None
lordzamme None
SonicFire None
DarkeTiger None
Rockrman None
solidfranz None
mgsmystfan1 None
Breegull None
J4ckyAlieen dudes killing each other
ggiantspider None
Swordsmen None
Umagafan84 None
sparrowbird666 it s fun.. its ok... well, yeah, its ok
Ditnopota None
Hulkzilla121 None
sccguy None
TheWickerman101 None
deathreaper82 this one is better than deception, but not better than shaolin monks, 7.8/10
Speed Demon None
Scarlet Gamer 2nd best of the MK games I've played!
Kimberlee88 None
beboto None
Imurhiro None