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Modes of play in Mike Tyson Boxing are Vs., Showcase, and World mode where you train and manage your boxer as he moves up the ranks and weight classes fighting against up to 90 boxers. Features include comprehensive punches and defensive moves, effects like sweat, blood, and facial damage, and a simulated boxing points system.


  • Commentary by Ian Darke and Bobby Czyz

  • Rain the hurt on your enemy with over 600 brutal power punches, illegal moves, signature blows and combos.

  • Take your opponent apart through 9 separate game modes - Belt Mode, Speed Boxing, Exhibition Mode and more.

  • Bring the big fight atmosphere home with the intuitive, ultra-fast control system and unbelievable TV realistic graphics.

  • The P&IN (Polymorphic & Interpolative Node-mapping) facial damage engine delivers the most brutal boxing experience ever.

  • Create unique custom fighters then upgrade them with over 185 unlockable improvements.

  • Fight in 20 international arenas including Carnival City, Caesars Palace & Wembley Arena.

Editor's Note:

Developed by Atomic Planet Entertainment.

Added on: April 09, 2002

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One thing I notice abt this game, is its Steep learning curve. I opted to use...

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