Midnight Club: Street Racing Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Midnight Club: Street Racing Reviews

website score publish date
www.clubskill.com 7.2/10 May 25 '04
ConsoleDomain  --- Oct 12 '00
Core Magazine A- Nov 27 '00
Game Revolution B- Nov 05 '00
GameCenter 6/10 Dec 18 '00
Gamepen 4/5 Jan 31 '01
Gamer's Pulse 89/100 Dec 07 '00
Gamespot 8.4/10 Oct 17 '00
Gamespot 8/10 Nov 17 '00
IGN PS2 8.6/10 Oct 24 '00
PSX Extreme 9/10 Nov 15 '00
SonySource 8/10 Nov 22 '00
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Midnight Club: Street Racing Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 Aug 16 '00
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Game Revolution on Nov 06 '00

"...two huge, incredibly detailed metropolises... The non-linearity of the waypoint system is pretty cool... mimics the gameplay of the Midtown Madness series... does provide an adequate 2-player..."

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IGN PS2 on Aug 17 '00

"In the core mode, players pick their cars and race through city streets in the hopes of attracting a member of the mysterious Midnight Club, in hopes of picking up a race and showing what they're..."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 30 '00

"I think the game's only weaknesses are that it may be short. Rockstar and Angel originally planned to have three cities in the final version -- New York, London, and Tokyo -- but Tokyo was cut so..."

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PSX Extreme on Feb 09 '01

"If you are an avid racer who will play anything from Ridge Racer, to Need for Speed to Gran Turismo, then you must not delay and pick up Midnight Club..."

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