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Midnight Club is an arcade-style racing game where gamers whip through traffic-heavy streets in which buildings, shipyards, and mauls all have secret passages and shortcuts to serve your purpose of winning the midnight race.


In the dark streets of New York City, the drivers of a cab and tricked-out sports car find themselves side by side. You are the driver of the cab. When the sports car takes off, go ahead and race him on public streets in heavy traffic! If you keep up, he'll pull over and introduce himself and the Midnight Club to which he belongs. From this moment on, running red lights, driving on the sidewalk, and trying to outrun the cops becomes a nightly thrill.

Your first victory in a group Midnight Club race earns you membership in the Club. One of the benefits of membership is the right to challenge other members head-to-head. Defeating better opponents wins you faster cars, until you beat the best guy in the Big Apple and earn the title of City Champion.

The challenge escalates as you and the former NYC City Champion head to London. New, more challenging opponents and races meet you...until you win them all and find yourself grill to grill with the mysterious and undefeated Midnight Club World Champion...


  • A wide variety of game modes gives you lots of choices.
  • Two globally famous but very different cities in which all the races take place: New York and London.
  • Advanced AI helps fellow club members, law enforcement, and ambient street urchins seem almost human
  • Eight major classes of vehicles, with many styles in each class, provide over 30 different options.
  • Pedestrians and ambient traffic heavily populate NYC and London.
  • Realistic physics and graphical effects.

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