Phil Collins soundtrack, day-old beard stubble, no socks, Ferraris and busting drug lords' heads, bring back the 80's TV nostalgia in Generation X. Well, dream no more! Davilex Games will be releasing Miami Vice for Xbox, PC and PlayStation 2 in Q4 2004.


Similar to GTA: Vice City, gamers will have a 3rd person view of a virtual Miami, which they are free to roam at will. The gameplay will include a variety of missions that will include detective work, raids and gunfights in numerous Miami locales with the object of game being to destroy the narcotics ring of a drug lord named Calderon.


  • 3D person shooter
  • Play Sonny Crockett and/or RicardoTubbs
  • Unique police action adventure
  • 14 missions
  • Arrest mode
  • Kick in doors
  • Loads of animations: Hide/Roll/Jump
  • 14 weapons
  • Unique Call-for-Backup system
  • Player can switch anytime during missions
  • Partner AI system creates unique teamwork gameplay
  • Give partner context sensitive instructions
  • Cover fire
  • Featuring all the characters from the show
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard Mode
  • With the original voices from the TV-Show
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