Medal of Honor Frontline Own / Want List

Username Comments
Honor good as except the disk is scracthed to death
Sphinx None
MattchuLB Meh. Okay for ONE playthrough..
Manectric Master None
Tempest None
Kuldahar None
Tres None
RedFoxBandit Completed 100%
KngAlaric None
pilgrim None
Mr Viper None
Snuff None
Marshmallow Guy None
lkjhgfdsa None
Saevus None
Hiei None
Mr Dumass None
Lightice None
Blackheartedwolf too hard for me
Unknown Warrior None
nagual None
swordblood20 None
jac field None
Remixx None
RancidMilk None
Kudd None
BoWnce None
EomertheGreat None
prince69 None
Bakuaru Lord None
Twin_Master Loved the beginning of the game though it really lacked in the features department.
Wolfenstein38 I share it with my bro
admiral_sos None
ArsenalGear None
o0o Dark Bahamut o0o None
BlackDevils None
Mnmfan Brilliant
Princess Carmipoo None
Watain None
JTnut None
HBK101 Good
Celes Leonhart None
Little_Nicky324 None
Riley89 None
Vergil Ties None
Frontline1944 First game I owned, and still playing it
The Ellimist None
philip the kid Bought on airborne influence
Gamesta100 None