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Average Review Score: 8.1/10

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Metal Slug 3 Reviews

website score publish date
Siliconera 83% Sep 30 '03
Gamestyle 7/10 May 26 '04
NTSC-uk 8/10 May 26 '04
PGNx Media 8/10 Jun 02 '04
Total Games 90/100 May 26 '04
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Gamestyle on May 27 '04

"Metal Slug 3 doesn’t have a huge lifespan. It doesn’t have fancy 3D graphics. What it does have is a guy shouting "Rocckkket Lauunchhher!" in a Texan accent while you're freeing a semi-naked evil..."

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NTSC-uk on May 27 '04

"Simple yet harmless fun, and demanding a lot of thought and planning by the gamer – as well as fast reflexes - it is one of the late SNK’s finest hours. More fun than a barrel of Pampers-wearing,..."

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PGNx Media on Jun 04 '04

"Metal Slug 3 is gaming at its purest. SNK NeoGeo would want you to believe that Metal Slug 3 has some kind of story behind it but really there isn’t anything holding these missions together. The..."

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Total Games on May 27 '04

"The tale of Metal Slug 3 starts with two jaded games hacks, our protagonists, who are fed up with banal ‘immersive’ 3D environments that always promise so damn much, what with their Unique..."

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