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Metal Gear Solid 3, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 2 for the Playstation 2 released in late 2004 on the same system, receiving excellent reviews and left fans fully satisfied. But just like MGS2 Substance, Hideo Kojima is spearheading a "special edition" of the game, and the extras are absoultely astounding, and should add even more replayability for Snake and his Cobra buddies.


Metal Gear Solid 3 set new standards for stealth, it took a different direction then previous games in the series. You are Snake, in the foriegn jungles of the Soviet Union in 1964, and you must rescue a hostage in a warehouse deep in it. A retreive mission? Nope, you have no weapons, and if the enemy sees you, you may fail the mission and lose your life. Stealth is obviously essential.


  • Snake Eater, the actual game is back in great form, and you can control the camera!
  • Expect Online Play. It will be divided into several different modes, such as Snake vs. Enemies, and Team Battle.
  • Demo Theatre, where once you have finished the game, you may view all the cutscenes of the game.
  • Talk about mouth-watering, the MSX versions of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake [The REAL one] are both included with the game, both are fully playable as well.
  • More Monkeys - Back, Snake and the monkeys are back for some more missions. Get the banana camo!
  • Duel Mode - Relive all the boss battles, and change exactly how you face them.
  • Hours and hours of fun.

Hardware Requirements

  • Playstation 2 Video Game Console
  • Controller
  • Memory Card [8KB is needed per save]
  • Network Adapter if you want to play online.

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    It can't get any better! .... wait it can? IT DID?! Here take my money now! OMFG A ROTATING CAMERA....::heart attack:: - He died smiling. MetalGearSolid3Subsistence PS2
    ermm.. i am just finishing the game of again, but this time am trying to do it without saving with no alert phases MetalGearSolid3Subsistence PS2
    New camera totally enhanced the game,and the 2 originals helped MetalGearSolid3Subsistence PS2
    I remember when MGO was in its infant stages... MetalGearSolid3Subsistence PS2
    The addition of online mode was the selling point for this game. That tied in with the revolutionary 360 degree camera for Metal Gear. MetalGearSolid3Subsistence PS2
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