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The first ever Mega Man role-playing game, Command Mission will feature characters like X and Zero, and the gamer will be able to form three-man squads for adventuring.


The game features RPG-style combat, including a Final Fantasy-like battle order list, which changes as the engagement plays out. Dubbed the "cross order system," it displays the battle turn order and the health of the involved characters. Additionally, it lets you steal your enemies' energies so that you can finish them with "final strike" attack combos. The game also incorporates more tactile elements into its combat to keep the experience fresh. For instance, you'll have to stop a golf swing-like meter or enter a series of button commands to maximize your damage.


  • The first Mega Man RPG game.
  • Takes place in the more grown-up world of the X series, where Mega Man is a powerful bounty hunter tasked with taking down dangerous robots called Mavericks.
  • Donning stealth armor, Mega Man X must infiltrate Giga City Island to prevent the Liberion rebellion from going any further with their plan against the Government.
  • Mega Man will aquire a variety of other party members as his infiltration mission progresses, such as Zero and Axl. There will also be new characters to aquire.
  • Picking and choosing between party members is necessary, as Mega Man can only have two allies at once. Every character has their own strengths
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