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Take on the role of Colin McRae himself as he's given a 3 year contract to win a series of championships for Ford Rallye Sport. Colin McRae Rally 3 majors on the experience of the player-controlled McRae and his essential interaction with co-driver Nicky Grist. The championships will take place in over eight countries.


  • Be part of the Ford Rally Sport Team: Make strategic decisions and live the life of a world famous rally driver.

  • Experience authentic high-performance rally cars: Including the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7, Subaru WRX, Citreon Saxo Kit Car, and the Ford Focus RS WRC.

  • Race against the clock through 56 stages in eight countries: Including the United Kingdom, the United States, and Finland.

  • Change the landscape: Your surroundings respond dynamically to collisions, potholes, surface conditions, and obstacles.

  • Real, visible, destructable car body with fully operable components: Crumple your chassis, batter your body panels, and shatter your suspension.

  • Phenomenal graphic quality: Object detail creates an extremely impressive experience

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